Environmental Analytical Services

ECI chemists are committed to meet your expectations.

Whether yours is a remedial investigation, feasibility study, site assessment, compliance monitoring or permit application, ECI will help select the appropriate methods and parameters to achieve your goals.

Our commitment to integrity drives us to achieve what we say we will achieve.  We complete your project when we say we will.  This is an integral part of how we conduct business.  Someone is available to take your call or answer your e-mail.  Questions are answered promptly.



All laboratories must meet EPA and individual state regulatory requirements.  ECI moves a step further with a more rigorous program designed to detect and alleviate the most common mistake made in commercial laboratories - human error.  Specific procedures are implemented to prevent mistakes and detect errors before reporting data.


State of the art technology is hardware and software alike.  ECI uses a comprehensive custom environmental management software for scheduling, reporting and quality control.  In addition, ECI can provide electronic data through a secure client access system.

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