Company Profile

Environmental Chemistry, Inc. (ECI) is a full service environmental laboratory established in 1990 under the ownership of Deanna Jean Zeck and Nan Thomey.  ECI has established long-term business relations with various industrial, governmental, and engineering and consulting firms.  ECI is accredited in accordance with The NELAC Institute (TNI) standard in the states of Texas and Louisiana.


The laboratory facility consists of over 16,000 square feet of space separated by function into various lab  and administrative support areas.  Separate air conditioning systems are used and positive pressure is maintained in the volatile organics areas and negative pressure is maintained for semivolatile organics lab areas.

ECI uses LabExpert, proprietary environmental laboratory management software for scheduling, reporting, and quality control. Electronic data transfer and invoicing is available in multiple formats. Integrity, consistently exceptional service, and outstanding quality control through technology are the cornerstone of our business.


ECI has a quality system in place that meets all requirements of the NELAP.  We have also gone a step further and implemented additional measures to detect and prevent the most common mistake made in commercial labs – human error.

Services List

  •  NPDES National Pollution DIscharge Elimination System
  •  CERCLA Comprehensive Environmenal Response, Compensation and Liability ACT
  •  RCRA Resource Conservation and Recovery act

  •  TRRP Texas Risk Reduction Program


  • Gas Chromatography/Mass spectrophotometers(GC/MS)
  • Gas CHromatographs
  • inductively coupled plasma/MS
  • toc
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